Celebration Cakes



Chocolate Indulgence

chocolate cake

dark chocolate mousse

chocolate ganache


Vanilla Delight

vanilla bean cake

vanilla custard, raspberries

vanilla buttercream


Classic Red Velvet

red velvet cake

raspberry preserves

cream cheese icing


Summer Time

vanilla bean cake

lemon curd, strawberries

vanilla buttercream


Chocolate Caramel

chocolate cake

caramel cremeux

caramel buttercream



coconut cake

passion fruit curd

vanilla buttercream


Almond Berry

almond cake

olallieberry preserves

french vanilla buttercream

6" / 8" / 10" / 12"




$40 / $70 / $100 / $140





$45 / $75 / $110 / $155





$40 / $70 / $100 / $140






$45 / $75 / $110 / $155





 $40 / $70 / $100 / $140





$42 / $72 / $105 / $145





$45 / $75 / $110 / $155



Cookie Dough

vanilla chocolate chip cake

cookie dough buttercream

cookie dough rounds



banana cake

caramel cremeux

peanut butter buttercream

ganache drip

Birthday Cake

confetti sprinkle cake

vanilla custard

vanilla buttercream



chocolate cake

caramel cremeux

peanut butter buttercream

ganache and chopped peanuts

6" / 8" / 10" / 12"




$42 / $72 / $105 / $145






$42 / $72 / $105 / $145





 $40 / $70 / $100 / $140






$42 / $72 / $105 / $145








6" round, serves 8

8" round, serves 14

10" round, serves 20

12" round, serves 28

Custom cakes should be ordered at least two weeks in advance.

Last minute orders cannot be guaranteed.

Even with enough notice, some orders cannot be taken if the date is already booked.


**Please note that these are celebration cake serving sizes and prices. Inquire for wedding cake serving sizes and prices.**

Create your own...


Cake Flavors


Vanilla Bean*


Red Velvet*











(vanilla or flavored)

Cream Cheese Icing

Chocolate Ganache*



Buttercream* (vanilla, french vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, berry, mint, peanut butter)

Vanilla Custard*

Lemon Curd*

Passion Fruit Curd*

Coconut Custard*

Chocolate Ganache*

Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Cremeux*

Caramel Cremeux*

Cream Cheese Icing

Whipped Cream

Homemade Preserves*

(strawberry, raspberry, olallieberry)

*Add fresh fruit to any filling*

You are welcome to choose from the pre-made combinations at the top (for those who need help making decisions) or create your own from the lists above. We are also open to custom flavor requests, but cannot guarantee them.

Cakes are priced per serving, starting at $5.

This includes one flavor of cake, filling and frosting, with simple piping and/or wording.


Add $.50 per serving for special additions:

fresh fruit / ganache glaze / gluten-free / dairy-free / extra filling

Add $1 per serving for fondant


Please inquire for special pricing for fondant decorations,

fresh flowers, sugar flowers, etc.

Please feel free to find inspiration from our photo albums, or you are welcome to send us photos of your own.

*Dietary Restrictions*

The starred flavors above can be made

gluten and/or dairy free. (Add $.50/serving)



Minimum order:

one dozen of each flavor, standard size

two dozen of each flavor, miniature



*Price per dozen*



Regular (no decor): $24

Regular, with filling: $30


Simple decor (one each): $30

Simple decor, with filling: $36


Fancy decor (multiple or complex): $42

Fancy decor, with filling: $48




*Price per two dozen*


Regular: $24

Simple: $30

Fancy: $36

Custom Macarons


Minimum order: two dozen

**Prices will vary**

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**All special order cakes, cupcakes, and desserts need to be ordered at least two weeks in advance. Last minute orders cannot be guaranteed. Even with enough notice, some orders cannot be taken if the date is already booked. **

The dates with "*NA*" represent the days we are no longer available to accept any special orders.

We will try our best to regularly update the calendar to give you the best idea of our availability.

(Please note that on some phones, the "*NA*" might only appear as a black dot, please look carefully!)